How to get existing RHEL VM systems on foreman UI

I need to bring all the rhel8 vms to Foreman UI, to create air gapped environment as in my VMs should be receiving updated offline.(or will be getting it through Foreman-Katello only) the problem is i’m not sure how to have my rhel vm imported to foreman ui.

Expected outcome:
The foreman should provide RHEL8 updates to all the on-prem vm systems.

Other relevant data:
Currently I have one paid subsciption through which I have created subsciption maifest and managed to display that on Foreman UI.

Hi @mac_tec,

If your subscription provides guest subscriptions, you will want to use virt-who if you are not using simple content access[0]

If you are using simple content access, then you can just register the VM’s to Katello and they should get content they have access to, that you have synced.

[0] Configuring Virtual Machine Subscriptions in Red Hat Satellite Red Hat Satellite 6.11 | Red Hat Customer Portal