How to get Legacy UI as default in foreman 3.8

New UI as default UI in foreman 3.8

How to get the old Legacy UI by default in Foreman 3.8 ?

Other relevant data:

In Settings at the bottom, there is a setting “Show new host details page.” If you set this to No you should see the legacy UI.

It is no longer possible to default to Legacy UI for Content host details.

I’m curious what feature(s) make you prefer the legacy UI?

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Hi Jeremylenz,

Thanks for the prompt reply. This is what I needed.
This UI change is a lot of Documentation effort for us. So, we may consider keeping the old UI.


For what is’ worth, we plan on removing the old UI at some point. Right now there’s no timeline, but it is deprecated.

Thanks ekohl,
Yes, by next update, we will also update the documentations.