How to get the the ID of Repositories with the feed attribute?


I am currently working on a Katello 3.3 - server and trying to provide
errata for CentOS7 to my network.
I found a script that fits my needs but it is necessary.

The Script on have a
"–include-repo" parameter that need the ID of a repository in pulp.
Since pulp creating a lot of child-repositories and snapshots it is
ncessary to find the "parent"-repos.

A parent-repo can be identified through a attribute called "Feed" when I am
using following command

"pulp-admin rpm repo list --details"

Due to the massive amount of output with this command it takes some time to
find all parent-repositories in larger environments.
I want to automate this process and need a script or better a command that
is able to get all IDs of repositories that contains that
"feed"-Attributes, so I can use the ID
for the script mentioned above.

I already tried something like:

pulp-admin rpm repo list --fields "id,feed"
but it doesnt work because "feed" is some kind of a sub-type that can't be
reached with "rpm repo list" command.

Furthermore I tried to use the API with something like:

curl -X GET -s -k -u admin:<PASSWORD>
https://<IP-ADDRESS>pulp/api/v2/repositories/search/ | python -mjson.tool

but it doesn't work too, because there is also no datafield called "Feed".

Can anyone help?

Just after I posted this I got very nice help. The following command worked
for me needs

pulp-admin repo list --details | grep Feed: -B 16 | grep ^Id | awk '{print