How to import variables inside "host_vars" and "groups_vars" directories in ansible to katello

I’m testing ansible integration with foreman/katello and as most of the variables in our ansible instance defined in inventories/host_vars and inventories/hroup_vars directory, i want to know how to import them to katello. i checked “smart_proxy_ansible-3.0.1/lib/smart_proxy_ansible/variables_extractor.rb” file and looks like it only look at variables inside the role not inventory variables.
if importing these variables is not possbile, what is the best way to assign value to below host group variables ( i mean foreman_Host_GROUP groups)

ansible-inventory -i inventories/foreman.yml --graph

| |–@foreman_dev_location_dev:
| | |–host1
| | |–host2
| | |–host3
| |–@foreman_inf_location_inf:
| | |–host4
| | |–host5

Expected outcome:
i was expecting all host_vars and hroup_vars are imported to katello along with variables inside roles. to separate code and data, we put most of the vars inside these 2 dirs and for migration from current ansible system to new foreman/ansible environment, im trying to find a practical way

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data: