How to map LDAP Groups with Foreman User Roles plus location

Hi Users,

I have some groups defined in my AD (i.e. developers, operators, etc). In
foreman I have also spited my servers in two different locations. Is there
a way to map all users from an LDAP group into a specific Foreman User Role
and a specific Foreman User Location??

for example:

Group Developers
–> User Bob
Grou Operators
–> User Ana

In Foreman:
Locations: New York, Vienna
Users: viewer, manager

What I would like to do is map:
User Bob: location New York: role viewer
User Ana: location Vienna: role manager

Any ideas how to do this???

Last I looked (Foreman-1.1), Foreman was not capable of utilizing LDAP groups. I'd like to be proven wrong. I recall a 'code bounty' being posted for such functionality. If I had time to do free lance coding I'd work to add such capabilities. I've worked with active-ldap recently and found it useful for doing model based LDAP integration.

A work around could be to use a script (Ruby!) to query LDAP to get your groups then make API calls to Foreman to associate the LDAP data in Foreman.

  • Trey