How to provide multiple centos releases with subscription-manager? (subscription-manager release --list)

Hi all,

We have deployed a test environment with foreman 1.16 and katello 3.5 to manage centos7 machines. It seems to be working fine and we can register the servers using “subscription-manager” and the yum repos in the “content view” are deployed and can be used to install new rpms.

While testing the available options for the “subscription-manager” utility I noticed that there is an option subscription-manager release --list but when I try it I only get No release versions available, please check subscriptions.

What’s the right way to enable different centos releases available in subscription-manager? Should I add multiple yum repos for different centos releases and then they will be available? Or is there anything extra I should do?

Our current content view includes these repos:

Should I also add these yum repos to the same “content view” to enable another centos release?

Or is this done in a different way? Is it possible at all to provide multiple centos release versions in “subscription-manager”?

thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, I believe the realease flag is being used only in combination with RHEL
and getting the RH subscriptions. For centos, you need either add more
versions to the CV and then enable/disable those you need (I would
recommend using activation keys for that, one per OS version), or having
different CVs per OS version.

– Ivan

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Hi Ivan,

I was suspecting that this was only available for RHEL and not for CentOS, thanks for the confirmation.

We will try the approach of different CV and different activation keys.