How to provision virtual machine on hyper-v environment

Howto provision vm on hyper-v
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Hello Team,

I’m new to foreman tool. I need details like we have HyperV environment and my requirement is to provision new linux servers using foreman. I’m unable to find doc’s related to this requirement.


There is a plugin for the Hyper-V compute resource written by @ananace -, but I have no idea about it’s current state.

The plugin should be able to do all the parts necessary for basic VM management; creation, modification, removal, power actions, etc. The storage and network configuration is very basic at the moment though, and there’s no support for automatically setting up HA/failover or other more advanced things like such.

Sadly I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to keep working on it very actively either, we’re moving away from Hyper-V at work - partially due to the fact that its lack of remote APIs and tool support makes it quite annoying to manage.