How to see installed plugin documentation?


How can one see the documentation of a plugin that was installed using rpm?
For example, I installed wreckingball ( including wreckingball-doc), there are 2 directories ( ri and rdoc with files in them) so I am assuming there should be a way to read the docs

Here is an excerpt
tree /opt/theforeman/tfm/root/usr/share/gems/doc/foreman_wreckingball-3.0.0
├── rdoc
│ ├── css
│ │ ├── fonts.css
│ │ └── rdoc.css
│ ├── fonts
│ │ ├── Lato-LightItalic.ttf
│ │ ├── Lato-Light.ttf
│ │ ├── Lato-RegularItalic.ttf
│ │ ├── Lato-Regular.ttf
│ │ ├── SourceCodePro-Bold.ttf
│ │ └── SourceCodePro-Regular.ttf
│ ├── Foreman.html
│ ├── ForemanWreckingball

RDoc produces HTML documentation. You should be able to open Foreman.html with a web browser and view the docs. Does that not work?

Hi Paul,

No, it does not work

Just to clarify, clicking on “documentation” link provided by foreman is just listing generic documentation
https://myserver/foreman.html page does not exist

What am I missing / doing wrong ?
What exactly is a valid URL for seeing installed plugin documentation ?


Sorry Steven, not sure about that one.

From what I can tell, there is limited documentation from that plugin:

So basically documentation is created for this file:

and all of these Ruby files: (I suspect these just show the code)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for taking the trouble to dig a bit into this

Assuming I just picked the wrong plugin as an example for my issue, are you saying that a better documented plugin will have its documentation available at https://server/foreman.html ?