How to set the boot-drive depending on Host Group

I have a single OS (CentOS 8) which I am looking to install on 2 separate systems using different boot drives:

  1. VM using sda
  2. UCS bare metal server using sdd
    How do I create different provisioning templates or parametrize the template so that each target in a separate Host Group can install to the correct disk?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman version 2.1

More infromation

  • VM and UCS are defined in separate Host Groups
  • I’ve developed a separate kickstart file for each server type
  • Foreman does not allow me to create a new Installation Media using the same URL (which would have been a workaround).

Hello I don’t understand, is this a partitioning problem? Our default partition table is “erase, auto paritition”. That should work, if you want different schemes just create different parititioning schemes.

If you want to decide on the client (at the installation time) use Dynamic paritioning scheme.