How to set up Jenkins Stable Debian Repository - gives errors

Trying to add the Jenkins Stable Deb repo to Katello/Pulp3

According to this: Debian Jenkins Packages it should be:
deb binary/

So I grabbed the signing key and put it in Credentials. Assigned the credentials to the repo.

When I sync, I get: “Downloading artifacts: 3/3”
Then it errors with:


Which I assume is because components field is empty.

I have absolutely no idea how to get this to work with the backslash there. Nothing I am doing is working properly.

Any ideas?

Also get:
No valid Release file found for ‘binary’.

What you placed in your sync settings is correct if the repo asks for the configuration line deb binary/. The most likely explanation why you are getting the error No valid Release file found for ‘binary’ is that the signature in the repo cannot be verified using the signing key you provided. Can you try removing the signing key and then synchronizing? (If you do not provide a key, nothing will be verified and the repo should sync.) If that works, it is up to you if you want to trust a unverified repo, or perhaps you are simply using the wrong signing key?

A word of caution: The fact that binary/ ends in a / for this repo indicates that the repo is using flat repository format. Flat repository syncs work in principle, but the implementation is not very robust/does not work for every repo out there. I am working to make it more robust (draft PR), but that work is currently incomplete.

I had another look, and the following file exists:
However, looking at that file, I am pretty sure the sync won’t work until I finish the work I already mentioned. You can keep an eye on the relevant issue here: Issue #7673: Support synchronization of upstream repos with minimal Release file fields - Debian Support - Pulp

Removing the signing key does absolutely nothing. The problem is definitely Pulp3 is requiring the components field have something in it. Probably architecture too. I had this issue with a few repos that didn’t need it when migration from pulp2 to 3. I had to put something in there for it to work or it would error out.

I have added this repo to the list of repos I will test the PR I mentioned against. The flat repo format sync needs improvement. :slightly_frowning_face:

Or people need to stop using it altogether :). Thank you!