How to setup puppet server on devel box


Is it possible to install the puppet_plugin and have puppet-server get installed on our devel boxes?

I tried adding it here and it cloned the repo and I see the puppet section in the UI:

But I don’t see puppet server running on port 8140 and don’t see in my smart-proxies the certs drop down. When I try the puppet ssl bootstrap on the client it fails not seeing anything on port 8140. I tried on a production install, and it works fine, just not my devel box.

I tried following this but don’t see all the options for the katello-devel scenario to get puppet up and going when doing --full-help

Any pointers?


What I am doing on my running devel box is usually reverting these changes in the /etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/katello-devel-answers.yaml file and then running sudo foreman-installer --scenario katello-devel

You can probably also revert the changes directly in the repository :thinking:

With current nightly it should be sufficient to pass almost the same arguments as production: --enable-puppet --puppet-server true --foreman-proxy-puppet true --foreman-proxy-puppetca true.