How to store http-proxy password with special chars

I have a proxy password that has special chars in it including # and $, and using infrastructure -> http proxies, it will not take it.

I get an error of “Bad Password Component”, and if I try to use the test connection, when I sniff the network traffic I clearly see that it is passing only the username and not the password in the basic auth header passed to the proxy.

Is there a way to manually store this password correctly into the postgres http-proxy table or something any maybe bypass the webpage?

Versions: Foreman 2.0/Katello 3.15.

Hey, what compute resource?

We don’t have any checks on password, but depending on compute resource various Ruby HTTP libraries are used. Looks like some problem with HTTP PLAIN authentication or something like that:

This is actually a bug in our handling of http proxy passwords. I believe they need to be URI encoded to allow for these characters, otherwise Restclient will raise this error.
@viwon can you please open a bug report on about this?