How to sync yum repos via proxy


Add your proxy’s address to the below files:


:http_proxy: http://yourProxyIP:3128


    host: http://yourProxyIP
    port: 3128
    user: "" # this is not optional
    password: ""


   "proxy_host": "http://yourProxyIP",
   "proxy_port: 3128,
   "proxy_username": null,
   "proxy_password": null,
   "max_speed": null,
   "gpg_sign_metadata": false

Restart foreman



One thing I forgot to mention. Make copies of those files as if you run foreman-install again they will get overwritten…


You can also use the installer options for it.

--katello-proxy-password Proxy password for authentication (default: nil)
--katello-proxy-port Port the proxy is running on (default: nil)
--katello-proxy-url URL of the proxy server (default: nil)
--katello-proxy-username Proxy username for authentication (default: nil)