How to use foreman-installer to install second primary katello server for HA purposes?

I am attempting to use the foreman-installer to install a second katello 3.15 primary server to achieve HA. Mongo and postgres DB are remote. Installer failes on step I have asked it not to perform: foreman-db-manage-rake “false” how does one install a second katello server?

@ehelms I think this is an architecture you’re familiar with. Any guidance here?

Technically it may work, but you are moving yourself on territory few have been. For example, Pulp relies on the filesystem as well, so you must make sure /var/lib/pulp is on some shared storage. There are probably others which I haven’t considered yet. I have no idea how Candlepin behaves if you would run it HA. I highly doubt our setup supports that. It also doesn’t support turning those parts off. The only HA Katello deployment that I know of uses the Puppet modules directly. Even that has some challenges.