How to use Ubuntu repo in Katello or Foreman




I don’t know if this question is at the right place but we are having problems enabling an Ubuntu repo in Foreman/Katello. Is this possible ? we don’t know which url to use.
We have tried all url’s but we are getting an error with the initial sync. does not work.
Or are we trying something that is not possible ? Type is “files”, not yum, puppet …

Greetings, Richard.


Support for Debian is still under development. From the patches I see I’d expect support in Katello 3.6 but patches are still under review so don’t pin me down on that. Foreman :: Atix AG shows off support for Apt repos in Katello has a bit more detail.

There is a workaround using the files type but I see that blog was never published.


I think the patches are merged to nightly, is that right @Matthias_Dellweg? As for the files type, the main caveat is that you need control of the mirror (to add manifest files), so you can’t use the upstream archive directly. The unfinished blog post @ekohl mentioned is here which may be useful if you can’t wait for 3.6 :slight_smile:


There are still open PRs for the installer side of it.


Well @ekohl was faster…
But yes, the pulp_deb, runcible and katello parts are merged. Activating the pulp_deb installation in katello-installer is pending.
In the end (to answer the original question) the url will be
and you specify xenial in a separate field.