How to visualize Foreman hosts reports including (Errartas, outdated products ,..) with Grafana?

Hello, Is there any similar project for visualizing the Foreman hosts on Grafana? I found one project related to three years ago but it has some issues in the configuration process. Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello and welcome to the community @Altair

Can you give us a bit more information about what you are trying to achieve?

edit: also what versions of Foreman/Katello/anything else are you trying?

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Thank you for your reply, I’m using Foreman version 2.1.2 and Katello version 3.16.0, I want to visualize all Foreman data like the number of outdated systems, the number of available patches for servers, and all of the errata including bugfix and security errata,… I already found Katello compliance overview dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs which is not completely documented. I couldn’t find another solution for visualizing Foreman data with Grafana on internet.

You can search for Foreman Telemetry. There is not so much documentation about to get it running with your own grafana instance, but with pcp like done in this blogpost. You can enable an exporter for statsd and prometheus, but not sure about the metrics you can get from Katello.

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We are planning some docs that will provide a more modern iteration of that blogpost, aren’t we @lzap ?!

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I plan to revising our monitoring setup sometimes next year. It will be completely new from the ground up based on new components.

If you want to pull some data from Foreman today, the most reliable way so to setup statsd telemetry and gather that into your monitoring solution.

If you want to monitor hosts themselves, this is not our business. Use Foreman to setup your monitoring agents and build your own monitoring infrastructure. Foreman is a configuration monitoring tool, not runtime monitoring tool.

@mcorr this could be perhaps a good topic for a demo: monitoring and foreman. There are several layers to that and people often get confused.