Howto: Setup foreman to manage multiple subnets (vlans)

I am quite new to foreman. I just started using foreman 2.0.
In my network there are multiple subnets, each of them has its own VLAN.
I would like to have one foreman, which manages all the hosts in all the subnets/vlans.
As far as I understood I need to setup one smart proxy per subnet/vlan, correct?
If so, how do I do that? I am stuck at that point, because I find no more information on that.


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That’s our recommended setup, yes.

Like installation instructions?

We currently have two documentation places. The original, which is unfortunately little bit sparse on smart-proxy deployment:

This focues more on manual installation, I am not sure if we actually have anything about installing smart proxy via our installer. There’s little bit here:

And then there’s new documentation place which is slightly more opinionated (gets you Foreman with Katello and few more plugins) but it describes this nicely:

Let us know what’s not clear so we can improve! @mcorr

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