Howto use RedHat "os" branch (RPMS) to provision new hosts?

I did’nt succeed to use the “os” branch of RedHat repository to install new machines (RPMS repo, not the kickstart one).

Expected outcome:
Be able to select the synced repo RedHat “RPMS” to build servers instead of the kickstart one.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
RedHat 8

Other relevant data:
I’m new to foreman and I’m trying it to know if it can help to managed our infra.
I have registred RH8 and I’m able to sync RH repos (RPMS and kickstart repos), but I can’t select the RPMS one as installation media to new hosts.
It works fine with other distributions repo, like almalinux. I can kickstart the “os” repo.
Did I miss something ?

Thanks for help.

I have wondered this myself. I always did this when I was maintaining my OWN repos outside of Foreman/Katello.

I think Katello uses info from the .treeinfo to decide if a repo is a “kickstart” repo or not. Which is interesting because the .treeinfo files often cause problems and pulp is looking to provide an option to ignore them soon.