I add my hosts. but the ip does not show "Some of the interfaces are invalid. Please check the table below."

Interfaces appear under Interface. By default idrac interface seems to be primary, when I want to change it from host interface I get the following error message. What could be the source of this problem?

Some of the interfaces are invalid. Please check the table below.

Foreman :


What are the details of the interface form? There should be some error message for the particular invalid field.

I get this error when I want to change the ethernet from the interface section of all hosts - edit server from the Foreman Web Interface. How can I look at the error logs?

eno8403 appears as primary. I want to set it to the one with ens7f1 ip. But it gives the error in the picture. Why is something like this happening. I created a new ethernet profile on this server only after registering foreman. How can I overcome this problem?

If you click on the edit button, you should see the form with the interface, and there should be an error with an explanation