Idea for UI/UX Feedback when setting up the environment


As I’m learning foreman, I find few issues that are very frustrating.
There are both taxonomy (location and organisation) filters, and also user filters/permissions that show or hide content.

When I want to setup an environment, and then create a new host, I’m not always able to find all of my configuration at the “create host” screen.
The reason for it, is that the number of effecting filters makes it harder to know if something will be available for that host configuration or not.

I found several discussions about this subject, where is the best solution I can think of, but still there is something simpler that is missing, and I could not find any conversation about it, that is simpler and easier to do then change the entire way the UI works.

The Idea
A simple starting point, will be a UI prompt (non blocking) that explains what can see that configuration.

For example - creating installation media
When creating installation media, the UI will explain the next step that should be taken in order to use it at the end.
Then the user knows that they need to setup an operating system with installation media, and that screen will explain what type of host configuration can use it (the right taxonomy settings for example).

Why this can help?
At the moment, when setting up the host, arriving to the operating system tab, does not always shows the operating system or installation media that the user wish to use for that host because there was no taxonomy for that setting or bad taxonomy setting was made.

What do you think?


I think this is a good idea. We talk a lot about improving the UI, but only tackle the big things. I think, there is a lot of low hanging fruit that would improve the user experience a lot. Setting up Foreman is definitely not trivial. By taking the user by the hand and guiding him through the process, we can probably easily reduce some confusion.

:+1: from me