Ideas for improving branching and release processes

This is a wiki to keep track of ideas we have for improving the branching and release processes. Feel free to add yours to the list and cross them off once they have been implemented, or add comments to the thread for discussions.

  1. don’t use Katello versions in RPM helpers (rel-eng/*, package_manifest.yaml) so we can just s/nightly/1.23/g instead of having to differ on the Katello lines.
  2. simplify packaging branching, but not requiring changes in so many places
  3. create a release notes thread as a wiki in a very same way you created this “pad” for future release notes (eventually we will close it for edits and move it into PR)
  4. Start the process a week earlier, I think branching can happen sooner to build let’s say RC0 and see what does not work, a week after, on the real branching, branches can be updated to current develop.
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