Import content-view version from katello 3.4 to katello 3.9


We’re trying to import a content-view version with hammer from one foreman to another. We have same products, repositories and content-views in both servers.

In origin foreman-katello (1.15 , 3.4) we exported the version:
hammer content-view version export --organization myOrg --content-view Docker_CV --version 1.0
This command created an export dir in /var/lib/puppet/katello-export uncompressed.

After that we created a tar and copied to the target server foreman-katello target (1.21 , 3.9).
We placed the tar in /var/lib/pulp/katello-export and ran the import command getting this error:

# hammer content-view version import --export-tar /var/lib/pulp/katello-export/myOrg-Docker_CV-v1.0.tar --organization-id 1
Could not import the content view.:
Error: Export repos tar file is missing.

The command makes the untar but nothing else.

We would like to know if it’s possible to import content from one katello in 3.4 to other in 3.9 or if we’re doing something wrong.


Hey @manceraa,

Sorry for the late response! I don’t think you can use the export feature across Katello versions. I know there have been changes in that area over time and wouldn’t expect it to stay compatible. This may be the cause of the error. @Chris_Duryee may be able to confirm this.

If you have any trouble using an export from the same version, let us know!