In release Announcements, add `tag` for Foreman?

We use Foreman, but not Katello. I have subscribed to so that I can get release announcements.

Most of the announcements in that category are about Katello. In order to reduce the unnecessary email that I receive, can you add a Foreman tag to this list so that I can get updates about Foreman only?

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Hey @Stefan_Lasiewski

Happy New Year and thanks for your suggestion!

We have a tag core - do you think that would make things more clear? Foreman foreman seems a bit…

It is odd. I tried to click “no tags” but it redirects me to which doesn’t exist. That looks like a Discourse bug. Otherwise it was probably what you were looking for.

I’ve upgraded discourse now, looks like the link is Topics tagged none

@Stefan_Lasiewski does that address your need?

No, not quite— there’s no way to subscribe to subscribe to Topics tagged none that I can see:

However, I think I found another way that works for me. I went to profile-/preferences/tags and added “Katello” to the ignored tags.

I hope that will work well enough for me, but not sure if that will be satisfactory for other users.

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