Inconsistent 'Select All' behavior for filtered results


When viewing All Hosts (with 100 results for example) using a filter will limit the results, and ‘Select All’ will only select the filtered results (i.e. if the filter returns 9 hosts, Select All will only select those 9 hosts, not all 100).

However when trying to filter content errata, ‘Select All’ will select all items, not just filtered items (i.e. if the filter returns 156 errata, and the filter for ‘security’ returns 20 errata, Select All will select 156 errata).

0: 159 total errata detected (100 results per page [100,59])
1: Page 1 and 2 of filtered results (14 on page1, 18 on page2)
2: ‘Select All’ selects all results, not filtered results.

Foreman 1.18.0 / Katello 3.7.0


We have a better place for reporting issues here:

Issues - Katello - Foreman

Could you report your finding there? Thanks

Please do open an issue. I fixed a similar issue on a different page that could be referenced in the new issue:

All set, I’ve created a new issue (Bug #24614: Inconsistent ‘Select All’ behavior for filtered results - Katello - Foreman) and referenced yours as well, @thomasmckay

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