Incorrect packages count


Not sure if anyone else has had a similar bug, but it seems when uploading files via the web UI to a custom repository, the package count never passes 1 on the Content Counts table or when listing the packages (which will only ever show the latest uploaded file). If you browse the repo itself, all the packages are there.

Wondering if anyone has experienced this before or has a fix?

Started on Katello 4.4.0 and continues in 4.5.

Hmm this sounds like → Bug #34707: Uploaded Rpm(s) replaces Rpm(s) currently in repository - Katello - Foreman . I am not able to reproduce the issue you are seeing. Have you tested it on a new repository after upgrading to 4.5?
If not you might need to reindex the repo. Find the id of you repo and try this via foreman console

$ foreman-rake console 
> Katello::Repository.find($ID).index_content

I tested a new repo under 4.5, and it seems to be working correctly so far (but it did also under 4.4 in the beginning).

Running reindex on my older repos also resolved the issue for them as well.