Infoblox plugins: reviews needed and co-maintainship


I filed couple of PRs:

I am looking for reviews.

Also I would like to co-maintain the two plugins. Asking for push permissions on github and rubygems. Since Dmitri left, I would like someone else from the core team be added. If there are no volunteers that would be @Marek_Hulan I guess :slight_smile: Thanks.

I reviewed all of them, I don’t have merge permission though. It seems there was no active maintenance on these repos. @Gwmngilfen if we don’t hear from existing maintainers for few more days, would it be possible to get merge permissions for me and @lzap for these two repositories? Thanks.

@Marek_Hulan that sounds fine. I can do that on Thursday I guess.

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Time’s passed and no feedback so far, let’s get those PRs merged! Thanks for the perms.

I’ve invited you both to the GitHub team that owns those repos - accepting will grant you full access.

Sadly the Foreman “user” on Rubygems hasn’t been added as an owner of the gems on Rubygems, so I cannot give you gem push permissions. Apparently, @Dmitri_Dolguikh and @iNecas are owners though, so they should be able to fix it.

I think I can fix that: @lzap just send me the e-mail address you’re using for

@iNecas add "" while you’re at it :wink:


Thanks, new versions are pending build.