Infrastructure and Platform Issue Tracking

I think the initial work to get our infrastructure up to date and in some cases migrated has been fantastic. And that @mmoll use of our wiki to write down what’s been done and keep an accounting of what needs doing was solid for getting us to where we are now. With more and more people jumping in to handle various parts of the infrastructure, take on small projects and make changes I’ve lately felt that we could benefit from the use of a true tracking system.

I see two major use cases:

  • project tracking for larger initiatives that have small steps (e.g. CDN use, CI job changes)
  • one off changes or “bugs” that someone on the infra team is working on or a developer notices and wants to file a ticket to make them aware (e.g. prprocessor has stopped putting labels on PRs).

My thoughts on where to track this:

  • Github issues and projects on foreman-infra repository
  • Redmine project


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I very much like the idea that we would get a kanban board there.

I tend to agree wiith giving GIthub projects a try for the lightweightness and the kanban board which would provide easy view of what is in progress currently.

@evgeni @Gwmngilfen @ekohl – any opinions here?

Given my light involvement at the moment, I don’t have strong views. For what it’s worth, I agree with lightweight, as infra tends to be interrupt-driven rather than planned to exquisite detail. A lightweight solution lends flexibility to that, and a kanban board sounds ideal.

Same thing here, as an occasional contributor to infra that’d be a good place for us to get some visibility on what’s going on, whether we can help, etc… without being a full blown issue tracker.

yeah, let’s try GH :+1:

+1 for using GH issues on foreman-infra.

Thanks for all the feedback. I have taken this and created an Infrastructure project on foreman-infra. Based on the Infrastructure/Platform roadmap, and the wiki pages I have seeded the issues and project to-do list.

I’d ask those that participate in infrastructure work to set aside a little bit of time to do the following:

  1. Validate the list and add anything that they know is missing
  2. Break up any issues into smaller pieces if they knowingly can be split into more atomic tasks
  3. Add any relevant information as most tasks are under specified
  4. If any issue is known to be in progress, please move the state

I hope this will be useful and provide some more visibility. Please drop any feedback here about the setup such as requesting labels to be created that would help.