Infrastructure SIG -- Changes

Howdy all,

In this weeks Infra SIG we discussed building on an idea from @ekohl and moving all agenda items being tracked in foreman-infra issues. I have completed this work and the existing hackmd agenda now serves as an archive. This change will allow us to have more open tracking of items, threads for discussion and updates to the work, assignments, pings and status tracking. All issues will get assigned to a Github project for tracking the state of the items, to see undiscussed (new) business and during SIG meetings to run through agenda from this board.

How should I create new business items?

Open an issue at foreman-infra new issue. The issue will be then be triaged and discussed at the next Infrastructure SIG.

How should I indicate I am working on or would like to work on an item?

Use the Github assignee field to add your name

How can I see the status of infrastructure items?

Check the project board –

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