Infrastructure SIG Meeting notes 2022-07-13

Present: @evgeni (chair), @ekohl (notes), @ehelms, @pcreech, @Odilhao, Mark Yarborough

I realized I forgot to submit this and it was open as a draft.


Discourse disk space issue

@evgeni cleaned up old container snapshots

Project missing license

A license was added

In progress

Set up a Monitoring System

Where do we run? Azure (sponsored)

How do we run it? Whatever works best. containers

How do we deploy it to systems? Puppet because everything else is already running Puppet

Investigate Azure’s FOSS credits program

FOSS credits were awarded. To complete the issue we need to add them to our sponsors page and tweet about it.

Allow use of Jenkinsfiles

@ehelms is looking into if People want to use this or if developers want to move to GitHub Actions. was started to make using GitHub Actions easier. tracks the work needed to deduplicate the actions in various repositories.

To get more information what developers want a poll on Discourse should be started.

Automation of packaging bumping plugins

The cronjob is there now. When it does fail, it doesn’t notify Discourse.


Automation of packaging bumping dependencies

@ehelms extended the bumping to all dependencies of Foreman and Katello, which caused a lot of updates. @ekohl is going through them. With that it can be considered done.

move EL Jenkins nodes to EL8

This is getting more important now that we’ve dropped EL7. Should be ready (Vagrant box provisions). Moving to In Progress.

Replace exim Puppet module (or exim)

Requirement of the Jenkins EL8 nodes Moving to In Progress.

Need a new owner for Discourse

Amit volunteered to take this. Moving to In Progress.

Migrate Jenkins off of Rackspace

There has been discussion about what we want in terms of Jenkins setup. Ideally we’d have a single Jenkins instance (unlike today’s dual setup). For that we need more clarity on CentOS CI’s plans. They should be finished by the end of the year so before that we should have more clarity. Until then this is a lower priority.