Infrastructure SIG

Hello All,

We would like to create an Infrastructure Special Interest Group (SIG) within the community to bring collaboration, transparency and greater awareness to the infrastructure we maintain for the community. This area covers everything from the Website, to Redmine to Jenkins to DNS and runs across multiple providers who have donated resources to our community.


The goal for this group will be to meet regularly (~3 weeks) and discuss on-going tasks related to our infrastructure, improvements that need to be made and listen to stakeholders within the community that have needs.

Initial Plan

  • Meet every 3 weeks on recurring basis (first meeting to be scheduled 2 weeks from now)
  • Finish Rackspace migration
  • Collect and centralize all infrastructure docs into one location
  • On board new members



There is an existing set of members of the community that maintain parts of our infrastructure behind the scenes and will serve as the initial maintainer set:

  • Evgeni (Zhenech)
  • Ewoud (ewoud)
  • Eric (ehelms)
  • Patrick (pcreech)
  • Tomer (tbrisker)

New Members

If you would like to join the infrastructure team, or participate in the meetings please reach out to this thread or one of us individually… There are multiple ways to participate or even join the group. Community members can join the meetings to share ideas or requests if resources are needed. Community members that would like to participate in the maintenance of our infrastructure, whether the whole or specific pieces of interenest, can join in discussions and tasks and over time be added to the list of maintainers.

The results of our meetups will be posted to discourse so the entire community can see what has been happening and is being planned with regards to infrastructure.

Areas of Coverage

  • Underlying Infrastructure management
  • Jenkins
  • Jenkins Jobs
  • Redmine
  • Website and webservers
  • DNS
  • Foreman and puppetserver
  • Koji