Install foreman in dry-run mode

hi all,

I want install foreman in dry-run mode, is that the same like --noop argument ?

thank you all


Hey @Neeloj

I looked through the forum and the manual and am unsure what you mean about dry-run mode. I didn’t find any such reference.

Can you expand please? What are you hoping to achieve?

thank you for your answer @mcorr
I dont want install foreman directly, I want see what will happens when I install foreman! to illustrate

Yes, dry run of our installer should pass --noop to puppet.

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thanks @lzap , okay that mean it will install foreman or not ?
Because I want install only foreman on a server where puppet is already installed.

sudo apt-get -y install foreman-installer --noop

this will not install foreman right ?

I mean:

foreman-installer --noop

What are you trying to achieve?

You want to run Foreman, on a machine that is already a Puppet Server?
Or do you want to see what the Installer would do, without doing any changes to the system?

Looking at Error while run foreman-installer it seems the later, but looking at this thread, you actually want the former?

thanks for you answer @evgeni

I want install foreman on my prod machine.

Yes Puppet Server is already installed on the machine

Because its Prod Server I want see what will foreman-installer do if I run it without --noop

If you already have a working Puppet infrastructure, I’d rather suggest you deploy a dedicated Foreman machine, and then integrate the existing Puppet Server using a Foreman Proxy. That way the changes needed to be done to the existing Puppet Server are much smaller and you limit the risks.

If you really want to install Foreman on the existing system, we’d need to tell the Installer to actually install Foreman, but leave Puppet untouched. This should be possible, but at the same time this is most probably an untested path.

Do you have a copy of your prod setup to play with?

Of course, rule nr.1 create backup and then play :smiley:

By the way I do the same on my test machine.

I install puppetserver, I add a client to it.

then I install forman over the test machine, and it works there.

But as you know, test is doesnt matter what happens there… :smiley:

To answer the question, --noop should leave your system untouched and is meant to review, what would actually happen if you run it without it. OTOH there are steps that depend on each other and --noop could fail because step 1 hasn’t been actually applied, so don’t trust its output fully. It’s handy to see what would few changed arguments do on an existing installation.

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Thank you @Marek_Hulan , you are right, and for first installation —noop will fail!
So I’ll install tomorrow 3.0 :slight_smile: