Install Foreman/Katello on CentOS 8

Hi all,

I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find package repos to install Foreman/Katello on CentOS 8. I’ve also been unable to find anything that says whether CentOS 8 is supported or not. I understand that CentOS 8 clients are supported, but ideally I’d like to run the server on 8 as well.

Can anyone clarify whether I can use Foreman/Katello on CentOS 8 yet, or whether there’s a timeline for this?


ppascher’s reply to my question is pertinent.

Not supported yet, definitely on our plan, can’t tell when tho. My bet is beginning next year but folks might have better picture e.g. @ehelms or @ekohl.

That’s great, thanks. I thought that was probably the case but I couldn’t find it confirmed anywhere.

The current plan is to target the Foreman 2.1 release for EL8 install support.


An update here, based on our current path and the timeline to Foreman 2.1 development branching we are switching to target a Beta level release of EL8 support. That is, available to users but not recommended for production without understanding the risks that not all features will have been tested on EL8.


Thanks for the update, much appreciated! I’ll keep an eye out!

I am looking for an “air-gap” or “disconnected” installation guide for Foreman 2.1 on CentOS 8.
I’m finding lots of issues in getting the repository straightened out.


since I’m planning a fresh install of foreman with katello next week, wondering if centos / red hat 8 is supported by now?

found this tutorial

would you recommend doing so?

thanks in advance

The Foreman quickstart and Katello installation manual mention their supported platforms. Please read those.

thank you for the answer, that’s the problem, katello plugin supports rhel 7 while theforeman already supports rhel 8. I have to go with rhel 7 I guess

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Any developer got any insight into Katello support for its installation onto CentOS 8.

I believe we’re waiting on katello 4.0 to drop pulp2 in order to more easily deploy on el8. @ekohl might know if there is other work to do.


As a platform we’re now very close to being able to install without Pulp 2 (even if Katello still supports it). We have started to build packages in nightly but there are still some limitations around the content proxies. We’re trying to see if we can do some experimental release with 3.18, depending on how much we need to cherry pick. However, no guarantees.