Install Insights in Foreman 1.23, CentOS 7.6


I am running Foreman and Katello on CentOS 7.9. I would like to install or add Insights to Foreman. However, I have not be able to do so. Is there a way how anyone can suggest to me any kind of material to would guide me on how to get Insights added to Foreman.


Hello Willie,
Foreman 1.23 is long out of support. Please upgrade to a more recent version. The currently supported versions are 2.5.4 and 3.0.1, with the 2.5 line going out of support soon when the 3.1.0 version is released (in about 1 month).

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Thanks for your reply tbrisker.

The only reason I installed Foreman 1.23 is because that is the one that aligns with the version of RH Satellite we have in production. However, I will install Foreman 3.0.1 to see if I can get Insights in it.

Again, thanks!