Install/provision ubuntu from local content

I have a synced 18.04 repo, with a CV-when i create a new host, synced content remains greyed out. The only repo in the CV is bionic/main.
i am able to perform installs from centos7 and 8 CV’s. Is this possible with Ubuntu

I also have the extracted ISO available over http (locally), which i have created installation media from. When i select this media on host creation/build, the resulting pxe files-initrd and linux file are 0 in size.

The aim here is to perform an unattended install from local content with going out to the official mirror.

Expected outcome:
install ubuntu from a CV or ISO or (extracted ISO over http) with out going out to the internet

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS Linux release 8.4.2105

Other relevant data:

Have a look at the Managing Ubuntu Systems Guide from the orcharhino documentation. It explains how to set up your installation media to perform offline installations.

Thanks for this info, i followed this guide which generated the linux and intird.gz files of some size. The default mac file generated resulted in a panic as below

Changing root=/dev/rd/0 to root=/dev/sr0 allowed the install to progress up until “Install the system”
i am using the same the provisioning template i used with the official mirror which worked. ill go back and review this and report back any progress.