Installation media issue

Problem: installation media

Expected outcome: we need to install Centos 8

Foreman and Proxy versions: we have 3 Proxy servers

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: 3.3

**Distribution and version:**3.3

Other relevant data:

we have build the foreman server and proxy server which is working fine with cent os 7.9 we can install successfully.

When we attempt to install Centos 8, which is not moving on its own.

Please suggest me where is the link path for the centos 8 related dump so i will copy the image into my server it.

Please see above screenshots which is seems to be getting error.
can you please suggest any link dump software alternative way to keep software into our local server?
Normally what is the procedure to keep OS installation media kindly suggest on it

Well the error is “Section %packages does not end with %end”. This for a start has nothing to do with the distribution but with the provision template. Check the evaluated provision template preview for the host you are building. It seems to have this problem…

provision template created itself it by using default template. Please suggest me how to create customized template and if you have any document link please let us know.

Please find the screenshot and even when we can not able to moidy anything in the default template which is seems to be. locked.
how to modify customized template as well as how to integrate while provisioning of the virtual server.
Note: template observed via preview which is creating itself it

Once installation media has been created, we can select the operating system on the server, but how do we obtain kick start image information for CentOS 8?
we are planning to customize the kickstart image so please suggest me for kicstart image as well as instation media so i will download it into required location.

Please refer for more information Provisioning Template issue and suggest on it

As @gvde said, it looks like there’s an issue with your provisioning template. The boot screenshot mentions “%packages does not end with %end” but the template screenshot shows it in line 50. Can you check the complete template and use the one delived with Foreman? Alternatively, are you sure your host uses the template that you’re looking at?