Installation of new smart proxy


I am currently trying to install a new smart proxy and struggling to install using the following:


and I see the message:
ERROR: No installation scenario was selected, the installer cannot continue.
Even --help content is dependent on selected scenario.
Select scenario with --scenario SCENARIO or list available scenarios with --list-scenarios.

If I try --scenario katello, I see other error messages in regards to ssl.

I’m using:
foreman 2.1
katello 3.16

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,


from the paramters you passed to the installer, I assume you want to install a smart proxy with only the Puppet feature (no content features) enabled. Is that correct?
If so, I had success in doing so with these parameters alongside the ones from the cert generation:

--scenario foreman-proxy-content\
                    --certs-regenerate true\
                    --certs-deploy true\
                    --foreman-proxy-plugin-pulp-pulpnode-enabled false\
                    --foreman-proxy-puppetca false\
                    --foreman-proxy-templates false\
                    --foreman-proxy-tftp false\
                    --foreman-proxy-puppetssh-command "/opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet agent --onetime --no-usecacheonfailure --no-daemonize --no-splay"\
                    --foreman-proxy-puppetrun-provider ssh\
                    --foreman-proxy-puppetssh-keyfile /usr/share/foreman-proxy/.ssh/id_rsa_foreman_proxy\
                    --puppet-server-ca-crl-sync true\
                    --puppet-server-ca false\
                    --puppet-ca-server ""\
                    --foreman-proxy-puppet true\

Please be aware that I just copy-pasted this from an old internal documentation. You might have to tweek some of these to accomodate your needs, and some are probably not required or maybe not even present anymore.
But maybe, this helps you as a starting point :slight_smile:
The “–scenario katello” you tried is actually for setting up the Foreman/Katello core stack, so it’s not surprising that did not result in what you wanted :wink:



Yes, I didn’t want or need the content features, and was getting rather confused with which scenario to select without installing a host of things not needed. Not helped with the documentation being a little vague.

Thank you, I shall give that a go.