Installation script CentOS6 (with oVirt)


The foreman-installer [1] is the recommended way to get up and running quickly. It uses a basic Puppet installation (you only need puppet itself w/o any configuration) to setup whichever pieces of infrastructure you might need, including a Puppetmaster, Foreman, the proxy, etc.

Hope that helps!


··· ----- Original Message ----- From: "yamakasi 014" To: Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:58:46 AM Subject: [foreman-users] Installation script CentOS6 (with oVirt)

I “had” a decent install of oVirt on my system and wanted to install Foreman with it.

Because my install is running on CentOS, and I wanted to try The Foreman and am a Ubuntu user most of the time, I would like to use a script that installs all needed packages, like Ubuntu/Debian does but it’s own.

I found the following script that doesn’t work that good anymore and removes the oVirt installation:

The forman repo was kinda simple to fix, but at the end I get a lot of errors.

It would be nice to have some script that install the right packages on CentOS.

Does someone have something available ?



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