Installer tuning profile changes and removal of --disable-system-checks

In the recent weeks we have been working on a set of changes that help better align the Foreman and Katello scenarios within the installer. One of these changes is around the goal to remove --disable-system-checks from the installer entirely. This flag is often passed by development and production installations alike to bypass checks the system has enough resources for what we deem as necessary to successfully operate in a default configuration. We have done two changes towards this:

This profile is intended for non-production use cases only and is the absolute minimum bar we expect to be needed and enforced. Instead of using --disable-system-checks, developers are encouraged to use --tuning development. In certain cases, such as Forklift development boxes and pipelines, this will be automatically done to achieve parity with what we had before.

  • Increased the CPU and memory for the default profile to better match Katello requirements

The foreman scenario does not use the tuning profiles feature, so the default requirements have been increased to match the documented ones for Katello. Per scenario requirements is something still under discussion.

And lastly, there is an open PR to finally drop --disable-system-checks as we feel it is no longer needed and by doing so increases the similarity of the two primary scenarios: foreman and katello.


Great work! Sounds like quite a nice cleanup :slight_smile: