Installing mcollective for use with Foreman

Morning all,

I've been working on Foreman for about 2 months now. After a few missteps,
I believe I have good understanding of the deployment and everything is
working good. I've written some custom modules and integrated several from
the Forge in my deployment. My current deployment is for our DEV and QA env
and the results have been very positive. Foreman is an excellent tool!
Currently I have used func <> in order to
send commands to a group of servers, but I've been doing some reading and a
lot of people recommend using MCollective. I worked with MCollective when I
was testing Puppet Enterprise and its not a bad tool. I want to integrate
it into my open source Foreman/Puppet deployment. I found this<About - Foremanmcollective>link on the Foreman site, but it mentions this:

"Per default MCollective comes only with discovery and rpcutil as an agent.
As we want to run puppet we need to get the puppetd agent and application.
Please be aware that the puppetd agent is an old plugin. Its recommended to
run puppet.rb from ( which does need
MCollective >= 2.2."

So should I use MCollective 2.2 OR 1.2.1 as listed in the wiki page?

Has anyone else deployed open source Puppet, Foreman and MCollective?

Does anyone have any notes or more information on this?

By the way the version of Foreman I am using is as follows:

  • foreman.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-assets.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-cli.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-compute.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-console.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-installer.noarch 1:1.3.1-1.el6
  • foreman-postgresql.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-proxy.noarch 1.3.0-1.el6
  • foreman-release.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6
  • foreman-selinux.noarch 1.3.0-1.el6
  • foreman-vmware.noarch 1.3.2-1.el6

Again thanks all in advance.