Installing UEFI image in Legacy environment

I picked up a project in work, which I though was already working because I changed the template from PXE Linux Bios to PXE Linux UEFI. Somehow it was working then but not now. So the problem is, the image was made in an uefi environment and I can’t do any changes to the dhcp server. So it only boots with pxe.0 file. The partitions are mounted, however the grub isn’t installed.

I’ve tried everything, even changing the partition table from gpt to mbr. Is there any way to boot into legacy and somehow do a script that boots into uefi? Or the only way is to rebuild the image in a legacy environment?

Also, I have access to the tftp server and foreman server, is there anyway I can intercept the dhcp file indication and tell it to boot in uefi? Without affecting other systems?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, I am having hard time following what you say. But generally if you installed in BIOS mode a good UEFI firmaware should allow you to boot it via Legacy mode. Not vice versa. I am assuming this is virtualized environment, why you simply don’t switch those VMs from/to BIOS/UEFI?