Interface overriding using the ApipieBindings ruby sdk - not able to force overwrite in Bespin oVirt


So i've got 2 very similar commands that to override the subnet being used
by a host in foreman.

  1. It looks like i have to manually set an ip or the command entirely fails.
  2. On Vsphere the command is successful although i'm seeing a 500 error
    when trying to power up the machine - will investigate separately.
  3. On Rhev Virtualization Platform the command fails DHCP entry already

Behaviour in both cases is similar to using the GUI, however you can
specify overwrite in GUI in 2 places for Rhev (on the interface selection
page and when you submit the host details) to override the DHCP entry
already exists error.

These are the input params, the ip address when calling is valid for the

input_params = {
subnet_id: 40,
ip: "x.x.x.x",
domain_id: 1,
overwrite: true

Where i need help is understanding why the overwrite parameter is not
working for Rhev platform.
Also any help understanding any other other parameters that I might need.

In the initial request to create the host i'm setting all these values

managed: true,

primary: true,

provision: true,

rebuild: "true",

overwrite: true

Finally this is the command i'm using to update the interface

config = { uri: endpoint_foreman_id,

           username: endpoint_foreman_user,

           password: endpoint_foreman_password,

           api_version: 2 }

api =

#this_id is the id of the host i want to update

#input_params is from above

#interface_id is the id of the interface i want to update

api.resource(:interfaces).action(:update).call(id: interface_id, host_id:
this_id, interface: input_params)