Internal error in login process by remote-execution-cockpit

I am using Foreman 1.24.1 with Katello 3.14.
remote-execution-cockpit is enabled and when i try to connect with Web Console i am getting a message Internal error in login process.
Any idea what there can be wrong?

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

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Log file:

That’s better. Weird, Ruby YAML parser have some problems deserializing /etc/foreman-cockpit/settings.yml. Can you pastebin contents of it?

Oh it’s a bug that @aruzicka recently fixed. You can hotfix your instance it’s one liner: Bug #28691: foreman-cockpit fails to parse foreman-cockpit-session.yml - Foreman Remote Execution - Foreman (see PR link and there you have the change of the script).

If you suffer from this out of box, we should consider pushing an update @aruzicka. This is a new feature and it should work just fine.

Thanks…it works.