Introducing Foreman Smart Proxy

I'm happy to announce the release of project called Foreman smart proxy.

The proxy aim is to expose restful API's around infrastructure services
such as (DNS, DHCP, TFTP, Puppet, PuppetCA etc).

This allows foreman (and potentially other projects) to have a simple
restful API to perform modifications on such remote systems - fore
exampple - create dhcp reservations, suggest ip addresses, sign puppet
certificates, setup boot servers etc etc.

The proxy runs on both Linux and Windows, helping people who depend on
different set of infrastructure services.

A new release of Foreman is just around the corner, where we utilize the
smart proxy to allow complete provisioning in large scale environments
(i.e. many subnets, many DC's, many puppet masters and many foreman
proxies etc).

if you are interesting in trying it out, you should use a recent version
of foreman (i.e from git or a nightly tar), we hope to get a Foreman
0.2RC within a couple of days.

more info at: Overview - Smart Proxy - Foreman