Introduction to Katello

Katello’s @iballou will be giving an introductory overview to Katello.
If you’re new to Foreman with Katello, this is the event for you!
This event will be streamed live on YouTube.
I will post a livestream link in the replies.
As the event will be live, you’re free to ask questions during this session.
If you can’t watch live, you can rewatch and also post questions here after the event!


Topics discussed include:

  • Syncing repositories and uploading content to the local server
  • Adding filtered content to Content Views
  • Setting up Lifecycle Environments such as Dev -> Test -> Prod
  • Moving a provisioned and registered host through Lifecycle Environments
  • Patching host content using errata
  • Subscription management
  • Deploying content using Remote Execution (REX)
  • Provisioning and data syncing off-site using content-enabled Smart Proxies
  • Highlighting of select new Katello features
  • A demo of using Foreman+Katello to deploy a web server

The topics above will be discussed from a high-level standpoint. If there is time at the end, I’ll go over anything of interest in more detail.


Link to the livestream for later today:

Hi all,
Thanks again to those who attended live.
I will add timestamps to the video early next week.
I hope you found this session useful.
If you did, and are interested in move events like this, can you tell me which topics would be of interest to you?

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Even though I could not attend live, I am very happy that you provided the recording. It was a very useful and well done presentation. Thank you @iballou.

It would be very interesting to have an additional session for Spacewalk switchers, a more detailed presentation about “not” using Lifecycle Environments, as well as common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


This is a great idea @rbremer

Let me see if I can get some people to volunteer!

Hey @rbremer

I was wondering, since you’ve been using Foreman for a while, if you could help me put together what the table of contents would look like for a session like that?

It would make this a lot easier to piece together.

Major differences I see:

  • Provisioning totally integrated and expanded in Foreman compared to Cobbler integration in Spacewalk
  • Integration of multiple configuration management tools instead of the integrated file based solution (or Salt in the Suse fork)
  • Opinionated workflow for staging content (Lifecycle environments) versus Mirroring only (and possible clone channels your own manually or scripted)
  • Product management (Red Hat content differs, Suse works via SCCM-Plugin, others work more easily and easier mix-and-match via Content Views compared to Base channel / child channel concept in Spacewalk)
  • Incremental content views via Errata (totally new to Katello if I am correct)

Similar workflow is still there with subscription manager and activation keys.

Not sure about virt-who integration, this was not a thing when I used Satellite, but I have not needed it any later in a customer environment with Spacewalk, only with Katello.


Sure, I would be happy to help. What would be the best way of doing this?

For example @rbremer - if I were to ask someone from the Katello working group to assist with a deep dive, we would not have the perspective that you do about Spacewalk workflows. I’ve asked around and most people either don’t have or don’t remember what it was like to transition from Spacewalk.

What are the new concepts that would be essential for Spacewalk users to understand?

What are the common pitfalls?

What are the major shifts in approach to solving the problems of managing content between Spacewalk and Foreman?

I think it would be ideal, for example, @rbremer if you and maybe any other former Spacewalk user would be willing to collaborate on a deep dive with some folks from the Katello team and we could put together a getting started demo. I’ve also been talking to @salton who is going through this process right now and taking notes. It would really help those who are coming after you!

Sounds good to me. I still “suffer” a bit from the migration, so I am happy to assist. Do we have any forum to discuss this in or will it be during an online meeting?