Introduction to Katello

Katello’s @iballou will be giving an introductory overview to Katello.
If you’re new to Foreman with Katello, this is the event for you!
This event will be streamed live on YouTube.
I will post a livestream link in the replies.
As the event will be live, you’re free to ask questions during this session.
If you can’t watch live, you can rewatch and also post questions here after the event!


Topics discussed include:

  • Syncing repositories and uploading content to the local server
  • Adding filtered content to Content Views
  • Setting up Lifecycle Environments such as Dev -> Test -> Prod
  • Moving a provisioned and registered host through Lifecycle Environments
  • Patching host content using errata
  • Subscription management
  • Deploying content using Remote Execution (REX)
  • Provisioning and data syncing off-site using content-enabled Smart Proxies
  • Highlighting of select new Katello features
  • A demo of using Foreman+Katello to deploy a web server

The topics above will be discussed from a high-level standpoint. If there is time at the end, I’ll go over anything of interest in more detail.


Link to the livestream for later today:

Hi all,
Thanks again to those who attended live.
I will add timestamps to the video early next week.
I hope you found this session useful.
If you did, and are interested in move events like this, can you tell me which topics would be of interest to you?

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