IPA Smartproxy dns.keytab failure

Hi All,

I have made a new install of my FM/IPA setup because I moved from
subdomain.domain.local to domain.local because I have multiple subdomains
for my clusters.

I have a oVirt cluster that works well and this setup has worked also with
the IPA/nsupdate very well until I made my reinstall of the packages.

At the moment all things are working but when I submit a new host I get the
following on my IPA proxy.log:

I, [2013-07-10T21:55:15.788906 #7600] INFO – : Requesting credentials for
Kerberos principal DNS/ipa-01.domain.local@DOMAIN.LOCAL using keytab
E, [2013-07-10T21:55:15.792816 #7600] ERROR – : Failed to initialise
credential cache from keytab: krb5_get_init_creds_keytab: Generic
preauthentication failure
E, [2013-07-10T21:55:15.793121 #7600] ERROR – : Unable to initialise
Kerberos: krb5_get_init_creds_keytab: Generic preauthentication failure
D, [2013-07-10T21:55:15.793495 #7600] DEBUG – :

This is strange as I remove my dns.keytab and regenerated on with the right
hostname. When you generate one with the exiting one still in place it's
not overwritten.

What happens here as I'm not able to debug it.

Thanks so far.