IRC bot (AKA nudnik)


Ever since we lost our jenkins instance (Jenkins master has been compromised) we also lost our bot, since then it was mentioned a few times it would be nice to bring it back, I thought I’ll bring awareness to it here.

I’ve heard that it was hard to install it (conflicting versions of ruby etc) and so I’ve created a container image for it at (dockerfile at

the next step is to find a place to run it, since I don’t to be in business of maintaining it, can we please run it on one of the existing infrastructure servers? I think it would be best to simply run it as a systemd triggered container (something like

would anyone volunteer?


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just to follow up if its not clear on how to use it:

if you are just testing it out, feel free to skip coping the original data

scp .
tar xzvf rbot.tar.gz
podman run -v rbot:/home/rbot/.rbot:Z

This is not true. It was just that the Puppet class didn’t install the dependencies at all (rubygems-devel etc) and at least I haven’t looked into it since.

That said, it can probably use an update. I’m still not a fan of running docker, but @ehelms has created an example of running a container using podman which I’d trust a lot more ( so that may be sufficient.

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