IRC notification plugin for Foreman

(apologies for cross-post)

In the interest of promoting our new Plugin interface in Foreman 1.1, I'd
thought I'd share with you a plugin I wrote this week. It's a plugin which
sends an IRC notification (actually just an HTTP POST to a listening IRC
bot) when a host finishes it's build.

The use case is that my slow libvirt host can take 10-15mins to build a VM,
so I work on other stuff while I wait. This frequently leads to the VM
being forgotten about, so I thought an IRC plugin was needed.

You can find it here:<>

There are setup notes for Hubot, but if you have a different IRC bot that
accepts HTTP input, then I'm sure you can customize the plugin to talk to

It's very basic right now (e.g there are no settings, you have to fork the
gem and change the code yourself) but I'm using it on my "production"
server here at home with no issues.