Is Foreman 1.24 -> 2.0 a major upgrade?

Hi folks,

We’re still running Foreman 1.24 and we need to upgrade to Foreman 2.x. Is this upgrade path considered a major upgrade for end users? I don’t really see much in the 2.0 that would impact us and so I’m confused why the semver bump from 1.x to 2.x.


-= Stefan

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Not at all, it’s like Linux 3.0.

Having said that, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP.

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We did take the opportunity in 2.0 to drop a few more things. Most notable may be MySQL which can affect some deployments. Just because they may be breaking to some, doesn’t mean it’s a breaking change for all. They are listed in the release notes and do read the upgrade warnings.

All in all, as @lzap said it was mostly to indicate we’re far from Foreman 1.0. In the future we will probably do more. We’ve been talking about moving Puppet integration to a plugin and making that Foreman 3.0. Mostly because that will affect the API.