Is it possible to deploy foreman+katello and candlepin+pulp separately?

Hi,every collegues in the foreman community! I am a ruby on rails developer.Not long ago, because I was learning about centos system knowledge and related software warehouse knowledge, I was fortunate enough to learn about foreman, a professional and standardized project. But because of my weak ability, it’s so hard for me to build the whole foreman insfrastructure(include katello candlepin pulp). So i was wondering “Is it possible to deploy foreman+katello and candlepin+pulp separately?”, thus i can do my ruby on rails work like the normal rails project, and leave candlepin and pulp to other people who are more familiar with it.

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It is possible but perhaps more complicated as you would like. There is no option in the installer for it, so you would need to use the Puppet modules directly and I think we still needed to tweak them a little bit also with the latest version. So I would not recommend it as a solution to get things easier, only to scale things independently if really needed.

So happy for such a quick reply~

Yes, although the installer is good to use for install foreman and all others plugin, but i want to develop on it, and i found nothing about develop and deploy through source code.(There is a install foreman from source code,but it is only the foreman part, not include katello and others)

Perhaps forklift is an option for you, I only used the Foreman dev box as I am not much of a developer, but there is also one for Katello. Forklift combines Vagrant and Ansible to easily spin up a system.

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I also spent some time to learn puppet,puppet-ca and have been tried this, install other plugin using puppet to install other plugins,but things getting strangely.The modules in foreman-installer may have some relations, so i have failed(or maybe i made wrong usage in using puppet).

Thank you very much, yes, I have tried forklift, but I am a bit confused that it installs the development environment by installing the image in the virtualbox virtual machine, but then how to develop locally, is it possible to go into the virtual machine to develop? It feels a bit strange.

Yes, you will work on the local virtual machine but there are options to checkout a repository from git or copy files to the vm during provisioning.

Perhaps if you create a new thread about how to best setup a development system some developer will see it and can help you with further questions as there are many persons better suited to answer this kind of questions than I. :wink: