Is it possible to pxeboot in legacy mode, but install for uefi?


I’ve got a provisioning scenario where we’ve got a network device controlling dhcp down stream. The device does not appear to be able to support using smart-proxy integration. It also appears to only support a global pxe filename option, which is currently set for pxelinux.0. I can have them switch this to grub2/grubx64.efi, but it’s not ideal to ask them to reconfig everytime I have to flipflop between legacy and uefi. We’re running with Foreman 1.17.1 and I’m mostly provisioning RedHat Family.

So, is it possible to setup a host in foreman that will pxeboot in legacy mode, but then partition and install as if expecting to boot UEFI after the install?

What seems to happen if I use legacy boot for pxe, is that anaconda barfs on the partition table saying that for GPT partition tables it needs to add a 1MB biosboot partition, and won’t let me continue w/o adding it.

Assuming you are asking about Fedora/RH systems. The answer is no, this won’t work out of box. Anaconda does not support partitioning/installing BIOS in UEFI and vice versa. I saw a BZ when someone asked for this and Anaconda team closed this as WONTFIX.